How to reset your iPhone 7?

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Everything to reset, to leave on the right foot, sometimes, it can have good. Especially on your phone on iOS 10. The editor offers you its guide to erase all the data present on your phone (applications, photos, videos, etc.) in a few minutes only. A fairly simple operation to do. Provided you know where to go in the different menus of the phone.

How to reset your iPhone to zero?

  1. Start by going to the Phone Settings app.
  2. Press the General menu.
  3. And at the bottom, tap Reset.
  4. Within this submenu, there are several possible scenarios, the most important of which are “Reset all settings” and “Delete contents and settings”. The first one leaves your content intact but removes the settings you have been able to set up over time (your wifi codes, bluetooth devices, your wallpaper, etc.) when the second deletes all that is on the phone. It’s like starting from a blank sheet. CAUTION: For this second option, the phone asks for two codes. The classic lock code of the phone at first and the code dedicated to restrictions. Otherwise, you will not be able to reset your device to iOS 10. Once you have entered these two codes, the software prompts you to validate the operation one more time. No return will be possible!

Why reset your phone?

The reasons may be multiple. It may be too loaded with files and applications and you do not have the courage to do it manually. This can also be an effective way to give it back a youthful touch. You can also decide to delete everything because you change models and you want to resell it. In this case, we recommend using iCloud via a paid but low-cost subscription to save your essential data (contacts, photos, etc.) and find them exactly the same on your new iPhone.

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