IPhone 7 Plus – a box to steal the access codes on iOS 10 and 11

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Specialists have developed a box worth $ 500 to get the access code of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus via a flaw in iOS 10 and 11.

A video published by EverythingApplePro shows that despite Apple’s efforts to boost security on iOS, the system still has some weaknesses. The document features a box made by specialists. We only know that it cost $ 500 to make. It was used to steal access codes to the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus based on a flaw in iOS 10 and 11.

This box is similar to that used by authorities to try to crack the passwords of Apple terminals. It includes 3 USB ports to manage 3 iPhones simultaneously. The goal is to generate access codes to find the right one. This brute force method usually comes up against a limited number of trials on the iPhone. But in this context and under certain conditions, the film’s directors show that the box is capable of generating unlimited tests. This technique works only on the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus flashed to install version 10.3.3 (even the iPhone with version 11 (still in development) iOS has been downgraded) Access has been changed very recently.

1 minute to 10 days to crack the access code

Under these restrictive conditions, the video indicates that obtaining a password can range from one minute to a few days for a 4-digit code. For a 6-digit code, the delay extends from one week to 10 days.

This technique could find an echo with the judicial authorities who struggle to bypass the blockages of the iPhone and come up against the firmness of Apple to unlock the terminals. We remember the case of the iPhone 5C of a terrorist of the attack of San Bernardino in 2015. At the time, the government asked the Californian firm to develop a special version of its operating system to him Allowing to bypass the standard security of iOS, in particular the automatic restart after several unsuccessful attempts in the entry of the PIN code or the erasure of all the data of the terminal after 10 errors in this same operation. Apple had refused, backed by several IT companies. In the end, the FBI had disbursed $ 1.3 million to join the services of hackers capable of this feat.

The Cupertino firm will certainly look into the flaw used in the video to update the iOS versions concerned. Especially iOS 11, expected in the coming weeks with the launch of future iPhones.

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