New iPhone 7 Plus video clip focuses on portrait mode

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Apple’s first advertising video in the new year puts the portrait mode in focus, which the iPhone 7 Plus thanks to its rear dual cam has the smaller model ahead.

To the presentation of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus in September last year there was the portrait fashion still not at all and even now, months after the introduction in iOS 10.1 it is officially still beta, nevertheless Apple dedicates it a whole commercial, the first in the new Year. The portrait mode uses the telephoto lens of the 57 mm lens in the iPhone 7 Plus together with the regular wide-angle lens as a low-angle sensor to the object in the foreground; it does not have to be people to highlight by means of artificially generated blur.

This is reminiscent of good DSLR cameras and is also called bokeh effect. Even if the iPhone 7 Plus and so many other smartphones with Dual-Cam simulate the effect, it is in many cases very professional, which Apple applied during the presentation synonymous appropriately. So now with “Take mine!” The first video from Apple, dedicated exclusively to portrait photography on the smartphone.

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